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What is driveaway?

Truck driveaway is the process of transporting a truck, or set of trucks, from one location to another. In the driveaway business, the trucks being transported are driven — hence the term driveaway.

That's where you come in. What types of trucks do we move? Click here to find out.

Driveaway is a great alternative for experienced, safety-minded drivers who are looking for a little more freedom on the road.

Be your own boss

TruckMovers drivers are independent contractors and have the freedom to operate on their own schedule.

You choose the types of loads you deliver. Your investment in equipment is minimal. And as an independent contractor, you won't have the expense of owning your own truck.

The industry's best benefits

  • Next day pay
  • No forced dispatch
  • No truck ownership
  • Less deadhead
  • Decking/undecking training
  • Driver support
  • Liability insurance protection
  • TrueChoices Insurance Solutions (voluntary - videos)

Apply now

Ready to run for us?

Call our driver services department at 816.994.0690 or apply online.

The best customers

The most loads

With the industry's best technology, largest capacity, and most experience, it's no wonder the largest truck dealers and manufacturers trust TruckMovers to transport their vehicles.
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